A New Approach to Chronic Disease Management

Holmusk is a digital health company, focused on solving complex problems in healthcare.

We build innovative, scalable and cost-effective digital behaviour change programs that combine cutting-edge clinical research, technology and design to nudge people toward sustainable changes for better health. We develop powerful predictive algorithms that offer actionable insights for personalised care and population health management.

Our mission is to improve health outcomes.

Our Team

Our Advisors

Core Values

Mission Driven

At Holmusk, our mission is to tackle the growing epidemic of chronic disease.

We believe that technology, software and experiential design will become critical to every aspect of medicine in healthcare. Here at Holmusk, we attract the best engineers, designers, health professionals and behavioural scientists to build products that help our clients answer complex questions on chronic disease.

Outcome Focused

We focus on producing outcomes at individual and population levels.

Holmusk takes a very data-centric approach to tracking outcomes and our teams follow a build-measure-learn feedback loop to improve our products through iterative and incremental engineering. In order to do this, we work in flat teams organised by initiative, to operate in the most efficient way possible.


We believe that all stakeholders in the healthcare system are important.

We recognise that healthcare has multiple stakeholders: hospital systems, pharma companies, insurers and government. At Holmusk, we started with multiple collaborations right from the beginning, and continue to do that with corporates and government institutions everywhere in the world.