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Chronic diseases such as diabetes are leading drivers of healthcare costs and productivity losses in every large organisation. We transform the health of your at-risk population using innovative, engaging and scalable digital programs that will measurably improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. Easy implementation in any organisation.

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A simpler way to lose weight & lower a1c

Get on the right track to prevent or control diabetes. And achieve a healthier weight in 3 - 6 months. Our mobile dietitian coach will be your personal, expert companion. So you can worry less and live more.

Connected Weighing Scale

A no-set-up-required wireless scale. It's as simple as stepping on and off. Data is seamlessly synced to the participants account.

Glucose Testing Kit

Bluetooth Glucometer Kit - including lancets and strips - to allow easy measurement and syncing of blood glucose data.

Photo-based Food logging

Simply take a snap of a meal and our dietitian coaches will rate it, provide tips and answer questions.

Personal Coaching

Our dietitians have 360-degree view of your habits and will give you daily, expert guidance and support you throughout your journey.

We are Outcome-Driven

Whether it's weight loss or better glucose control - we focus on delivering clinically significant outcomes and measuring success for each participant.

64 Lost Weight
100 Response Rate
72 Improve Nutrition
95 Member's Satisfaction

Value-based, Outcome-driven Pricing

We aim to partner with organisations to deliver the solutions they need to optimise outcomes and save costs.


We Target

Use clinical criteria to target those with or at risk of chronic diseases.


We Enroll

Launch campaign to enroll eligible employees


We Engage

Drive daily engagement through technology and coaching


We Deliver Health

Clinically significant health improvement


We Deliver Savings

Link health improvements to direct cost savings (reduction in claims & utilisation) and indirect costs (reduction in absenteeism)


Outcomes-based Pricing

Measurable results and pay-for-performance at the participant level

Who we serve

Healthcare Providers
Health & Fitness Companies

The Science

The cumulative incidence of diabetes was lower in the metformin & lifestyle-intervention groups than in the placebo group throughout the follow-up period. On the basis of these rates, the estimated number of persons who would need to be treated for 3 years to prevent 1 case of diabetes during this period is 6.9 for the lifestyle intervention & 13.9 for metformin.

Reduction in the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes with Lifestyle Intervention or Metformin. N Engl J Med 2002; 346:393-403

We Care About Scalability & Data-driven Analytics

Whether it's weight loss or better glucose control – we focus on delivering clinically significant outcomes and measuring success for each participant.

Glyco Coach

A scalable, online platform for health professionals to engage more effectively with patients through data-driven coaching, in app messaging, health and fitness tracking and disease-specific educational content. The systems support digital lifestyle interventions for chronic and pre-chronic conditions – from Obesity to Diabetes, Hypertension and Dyslipidemia – all on one platform.

Glyco Analytics

Our analytics platform integrates data from over 200 apps & devices, in addition to public and proprietary health data sets. Our predictive models uncover patterns and prioritise outreach to higher need participants - making interventions timely & impactful. By analysing data from these sources within one platform, we help manage risk while driving positive behaviour change & outcomes at scale.

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