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We’re building the future of chronic care

From our earliest days, we have been focused on bringing care beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics, into the daily lives of people affected by chronic disease. We use technology as a tool to scale the human touch in healthcare for long-term success.

Our AptCare suite is a comprehensive digital health & care management platform built on 3 foundations:
Behaviour Science

We apply the latest thinking in behaviour change and behavioural economics to help people form new habits and shake old ones across the continuum of health management.

Enabling Tech & Data

We use technology and data science to deepen and scale the human relationships needed to deliver personalised care in powerful new ways.

Consumer Experience

Designing for the consumer means creating experiences that anticipate their needs, are useful and integrate seamlessly into everyday life.

Our AptCare Suite

Using our iOS and Android apps, patients can seamlessly track weight, food and activity while communicating with real-life health professionals to get the support they need.

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A powerful health management system that uses data science to enable health professionals to monitor, engage and communicate with patients in their daily lives and deliver personalised care at scale.

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Our analytics system can integrate data from over 400 digital health technologies, from wearable fitness, to in-home clinical medical devices. By analysing data from these sources within one platform, we can prioritise interventions and drive outcomes at scale.

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We personalise to the unique ways in which chronic disease impacts each patient
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