For community chronic care
A better way to connect with your patients
Provide continuous health management beyond the hospital and clinic

With AptCoach, you can deliver a concierge-level health management experience at scale. Empower patients to play an active role in their personal health through support and health tracking tools, all on their phone. Ultimately, you can drive better outcomes through personalised accountability.

Coach smarter
Coach smarter

Automate health, nutrition and fitness data collection and get to know how your patient is doing right now. With the help of data science, you can turn these data into calls-to-action that motivate behaviour change. Care with confidence with priority interventions and patients surfaced at the right time.

Communicate in context
Communicate in context

With AptCoach you can deliver the right intervention, to the right patient at the right time. Get at-a-glance views of each patient's journey integrated with instant messaging and feedback. Be there for patients based on their data, engagement and and assisted by data science.

Targeted microlearning
Targeted microlearning

Make patient education engaging and actionable. Access a library of images, infographics, audio messages, videos, animations and other digital content to help patients learn about their condition. Deliver content to patient's mobiles based on behaviour or time-based triggers.

I love using GlycoCoach. It helps me see the holistic view of my patients.
Bonnie Lau, 25 years old
accredited dietitian
Additional Features:
Dedicated Support

  • Customised implementation and training
  • Full service phone and email support, offering 24/7 emergency technical assistance
  • Self-service online Help Center

Integrated Tools & Content

  • Comprehensive patient notes
  • Instant messaging
  • Scheduling for tele-consults

Cloud-based Solution

  • No hardware costs or upgrade costs
  • Secure access 24/7
  • Integrated with 400+ digital health technologies

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