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A new approach to chronic disease management
Transform your patient experience with a shift to mobile

Mobile has become an indispensable part of our lives. Our mobile apps help you influence the health behaviours and preferences of your members. We do this by leveraging the numerous, intent-rich moments when people turn to their smartphones to act on a need to learn something or do something. With AptHealth, you can be there and be useful for your members in those moments.

We help track the behaviours that drive chronic disease
Photo-based Food Logging

Simply take a snap of a meal and our dietitian coaches will rate it, provide tips and answer questions.

Connected Weighing Scale

A no set-up required wireless scale. It's as simple as stepping on and off. Data is seamlessly synced.

400+ Device & App Integrations

Securely connect with hundreds of devices and apps including wearables, at-home medical devices and consumer apps.

Fitness band

Track activity, sleep and more. Connect with popular fitness devices and apps, including Fitbit, Garmin, misfit, Strava and Move.


Wireless bluetooth glucometer kit - including lancets and strips - to allow easy measurement and syncing of blood glucose data.

Blood pressure monitor

Wireless bluetooth home blood pressure monitor for easy, accurate monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate.

Seamless Enrollment
Seamless Enrollment

Sign-up is the first step, and often the toughest. We make it easy for patients to get started with a personalised on-boarding experience. This is coupled with a world-class marketing campaign to inspire patients to join.

Continuous Engagement
Continuous Engagement

People are not their conditions. We provide daily support through data-driven, human coaching. The mobile experience allows for frequent, low cost, light-touch communication and interactions, which means more data and greater personalisation. For each patient, our goal is to be there, be useful and be quick.

Behaviour Change
Behaviour Change

Ultimately, we help each patient transform healthy choices into lifelong habits. Real-life coaches communicate with patients and tap into their intrinsic motivations. We can also incorporate tailored incentives and rewards management for extrinsic motivation.

The coaching team gave me constant guidance and support without fail.
Wan Noorin, 48 years old
has been living with t2 diabetes for 4 years
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